Covid 19

Hunting Brook Garden is an independent garden and is funded by its own activities and donations. In the current Covid 19 situation all activities and means of generating funding have ceased. You can help fill this gap by donating or becoming a Friend. Your kind contribution will help secure Hunting Brook for everyone to enjoy.

Friend of Hunting Brook

Your support makes a difference. By joining the Friends, not only will you receive excellent benefits, you help us support one of Ireland largest private plant collections.

Hunting Brook Gardens Membership offer has been extended! Sign up today and your membership will be valid until December 2021.

All members of the Friends enjoy the following benefits:

  • Unlimited free entry the garden with no pre-booking required.

Annual Fees
Single Membership €80
Dual/Family Membership €120
Concession for over 65 is €75
Gift Membership

Become a volunteer

We at Hunting Brook Gardens are very proud of our panel of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers.  Over the years, staff and visitors to the Garden have benefited enormously from the contribution of volunteers. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the support of so many loyal and talented individuals, and we extend our warmest thanks.

Volunteers play an important role in many areas of the garden, including meeting and greeting coach parties, assisting with garden events,  mucking in and helping Jimi with all aspects of daily routine maintenance of the gardens, inside the nursery or even in the office writing up labels and cataloging our plant collection but all ensuring that the garden offers an outstanding visitor experience. In return, our volunteers can deepen their knowledge of plants, develop a variety of skills, meet like-minded plant enthusiasts, and more!

We will recruit volunteers for the Garden Volunteer Programme on an ongoing basis so if you are interested in volunteering please email
Thank you.