The sunny bank, which runs along the garden’s eastern boundary and just next to the narrow, twisting country lane that leads up to the entrance, is home to Hunting Brook’s largest mixed border and a rich variety of unusual, exotic looking evergreen plants. These include Daphniphyllum macropodum, Lomatia ferruginea, varieties of Euphorbia x pasteurii, bamboos and silvery Celmesia semicordata 'David Shackleton - that Jimi has used to give foliage interest and permanent structure. Numerous droplets of intense, seasonal colour come in the form of large numbers of hardworking perennials and annuals carefully edited by Jimi for their garden worthiness and long season of interest- To do this, he often trials many different individual varieties in the garden for a number of years. his ultimate aim being to find the very best and longest-flowering perennials and annual varieties to grow in combination with the very best foliage plants, in a way that’s both modern and creative.

Dahlias are an special favourite, particularly wild species seed as are Chinochola rubra, Sanguisorba ‘Blackthorn’ and Persicaria ‘Orange Field’. A gifted propagator, Jimi raises a huge amount of these plants either from seed. or from divisions of single plants bought either by mail order or on his numerous trips to specialist nurseries both in Ireland and abroad.