Hunting Brook’s steeply sloping wildflower meadow lies to the western edge of this 20-acre (8-heactares) experimental Irish country garden and is one of Jimi’s most recent, projects. Covering an area of approximately 4-acres (.8-hectare) and with sweeping views across the starkly beautiful, cloud-stained Wicklow mountains to its south and west, it’s a place of almost monastic contemplation, where the untamed Irish rural landscape ‘bleeds’ gently into the edges of the garden, blurring the lines between the two. 

In summer, an informal winding path is gently mown through the long grasses and native wildflowers that Jimi has embellished with the addition of carefully chosen, meadow-appropriate garden cultivars. This path leads visitors past the ancient remains of a Bronze Age ring fort, underscoring the abiding sense one has of being in a place of great antiquity.