As Hunting Brook garden has grown and evolved and its visitor numbers have steadily increased, so it became increasingly clear that a new and larger car park would need to be created. And so, in the Spring of 2012, the diggers came in again, clearing what had been a scrubby patch of land to the south of the house and on the edges of the nearby woodland in order to create a generous-sized parking area. 

The work also resulted in yet more planting opportunities and the welcome chance for Jimi to build Hunting Brook’s collection of woody plants so that it will eventually softly blend the boundaries between garden and woodland. Still in its infancy, the collection includes Rhododendron falconeri, Styrax formosanus var. formosanus, Acer campbellii v. fansipanens, Trochodendron aralioides and Fatsia polyphylla, many of which are planted in the sloping lawn to the south and west of the house.