Samhain and the Celtic New Year at Hunting Brook

Samhain and the Celtic New Year at Hunting Brook

“Our Samhain celebration will be about learning to trust the darkness, shed what no longer serves us and rest in preparation for eventual renewal”

Date: Saturday November 3rd.
Time: 9.30am. to 3.30pm.
Location: Hunting Brook Gardens, Lambs Hill, Blessington, Co. Wicklow.
Price: €80 (includes tea & coffees, beautiful vegetarian lunch, tour, guided meditations and talks).

All levels welcome – no experience is necessary.

About Samhain and our ancestors:
For our ancestors Samhain was the most important of the eight celtic seasons. The bounty of the harvest was collected and the fields had turned brown and dead. This marked the descent into the dark half of the year.
A scared invitation to reflect and rest. They saw it as an opportunity to celebrate the cycle of life, death and rebirth. A time to shed the old, decrease and renew.
Our ancestors believed, Samhain was the time when the veil between the world and spirit realm was at its thinnest. Time to honour and reconnect with departed brothers and sisters, before eventual renewal.

How is Samhain relevant to our modern lives?
Samhain is as relevant to our modern lives, as it was to our ancestors. Samhain teaches us to slow down, rest, reflect and shed; just as nature does in this season. By using Samhain’s invitation to the darkness, we can rest, reflect and let go of what we don’t need in our lives. Over the day we will use meditation, ancient Celtic rituals and a tour of the garden to celebrate our own cycle of life,death and renewal. A method of distilling & clarifying our modern lives, just as our Celtic Ancestors did.

About the Gardens:
Hunting Brook gardens are the creation of the world renowned horticulturalist teacher and plants man; Jimi Blake, who has featured on the BBC Gardeners World. The gardens are the ideal location to mark this season of transition from the death of old cycles to the birth of new cycles. The gardens are set over 20 acres of mountain parkland. Lose yourself on its tranquil pathways; while enjoying Ireland’s largest private collection of rare plants. Follow the mountain gorge and the beautiful stream that leads to a wild meadow and bronze age fort.

Booking Information:
Early booking is advised. To secure your place, please email or call (085) 8541152.
Bring a rain jacket warm clothes and good walk boots, dress in loose comfy clothes for the indoor meditation.
I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday the 3rd of November for a day of connection, tranquility and celebration of the Samhain season.
Warm regards,
Jimi and Darragh

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