Scything Workshop

Scything Workshop

Join Matthew Tull for day learning to Scythe in Hunting Brook Gardens. (Matthew is a gardener in Lismore Castle)

The course will run from 10am until 4pm on Sunday the 29th of September.

Cost is 80 euros.

Scythes will be supplied for everyone doing the course. A basic scythe setup usually costs 130 euros, but anyone on the course who wants to buy one on the day will get a discounted price of 100 euros.

People will need to bring a packed lunch, light shoes and raincoat, and gloves if they feel like they need them.

We will start with how to setup the scythe and the basic mowing technique, and then refine that during the day. Once everyone has the basics, we’ll spend time looking at the sharpening and maintenance of the scythe. We will also discuss how to manage meadows and all types of vegetation.

Everyone will go away with a good grounding in how to use the scythe.

Please let me know if you are 6 feet or taller, as I’ll need to bring a slightly longer snath.

Please contact Matthew to book a place –

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