Sweden’s cutting-edge gardens with Jimi Blake

Sweden’s cutting-edge gardens with Jimi Blake

Sat 1st June to Wed 5th June, 2019

Tour highlights:  

  • Exclusive visit to Peter Korn’s private garden outside Gothenburg
  • At Sofiero Palace and Gardens we will see royal gardening heritage mixed with innovative garden design
  • Norvikken Designed by Rudolf Abelin in the early 1900s, this garden was chosen as the most beautiful park in Sweden
  • Woodland and the Agave border by  Ulf Nordfjell at Garden Society of Gothenburg
  • Gothenburg Botanic Gardens, houses 16,000 plant species on 175 hectares and is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe and even considered one of the best
  • Klinta Tradsgard, Another exclusive visit to garden and workspace of Peter Korn and his partner Julia Anderson

Day 1 – 1st June 2019

Leaving Dublin late-afternoon, we will be met by our coach at Gothenburg airport.  He will then take us to our hotels in the center of Gothenburg.

Day 2– 2nd June 2019

Our coach will collect us at 9.30am and we will start the day with a journey back in time to golden age of Horticulture.

The Garden Society of Gothenburg, Trädgårdsföreningen, A love of naturalistic planting is a recurring feature in this city. The Garden Society of Gothenburg is one of the best-preserved 19th-century parks in Europe. In the center of the park stands the Palm House, like a glittering artwork in glass and cast iron.  With the greenhouse, which was modeled on Crystal Palace in London (the structure was shipped from Scotland) and a rose garden, it has a distinctly old-fashioned feel. But last year the city invited British horticultural experts James Hitchmough and Phil Askew, who oversaw the planting at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, to create a wilder look.

Formal flower beds have been replaced with alliums and grasses, as well as exotic plants not seen in conventional 19th-century ­gardens, such as yuccas. The overall effect is exciting – a historic garden reinvented for the 21st century.  Of interest to many design enthusiasts is Woodland and the Agave border by Chelsea best in show winner Ulf Nordfjell.

Take a break at the cosy café Rosenkaféet, located in one of the Garden society of Gothenburg’s oldest buildings, built way back in 1874 and we will have lunch in the Café Grindstugan before travelling on to our next garden.

Peter Korn’s Garden

After lunch we will travel on to Peter Korn’s garden in Eskilsby not far outside Gothenberg.  Peter is a noted Swedish horticulturist and author and is also a seed-a-holic, a plant-a-holic, and most of all a dig-a-holic. His specialty is natural-looking landscapes, from gardens to natural plant habitats to urban projects that include public rooftop gardens. Through his affiliation with the Gothenberg Botanic Garden he has worked for many years with noted botanist Henrik Zutterland.

At Eskilsby, Peter’s 5-acre private garden, he has created distinct bioscapes: deserts, bogs, steppes, and woodland and rock gardens. Unable to resist any alpine, orchid, bulb, tree, cactus, or other plant, he grows thousands of new plants in the garden every year.  Peter’s gardening philosophy can be summed up by reversing the dictum, ‘right plant, right place’. In less than a decade he has transformed a rather homogeneous two-hectare site into a landscape of extraordinary diversity, creating habitats and micro climates in order to grow all his favourite plants, from alpine house to meadow to jungle.

Later, Jimi would be delighted if you would join him for our group diner in Gothenburg.

Day 3– 3rd June 2019

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Today we will spend the day in Europe’s largest and best botanical gardens. With over 16,000 species of plants in the different greenhouses and areas like the rock garden and herb garden there is plenty to do and see.  We will have a guided tour of the glasshouses which hold the largest collection of tropical orchids in Sweden, carnivorous plants and the rare Easter Island tree, which is extinct in its natural environment.  There is also a unique collection of Dionysia which are extremely difficult to cultivate, originating mainly from Afghanistan and Iran.

Whilst most botanical gardens in Europe have been laid out in flat areas in towns, Gothenburg Botanical Garden was created in a nature reserve which is naturally hilly, providing a varied landscape. Here the boundaries between wildlife and the cultivated garden are often diffuse. We will eat lunch here and, in the afternoon, you can choose to explore more of the garden or alternatively use the time to explore Gothenburg.

Day 4– 4th June 2019

Today our coach will collect us at 9.00am and we will make our way down the county to our next destination Lund.  On route however we will visit two very special gardens.  Our first stop is Norrviken on the coast ‘where the ocean meets land on an infinite horizon’. This is where Rudolf Abelin created his seven period gardens. We will be met by our guide who will bring us through this lovely garden which was voted most beautiful in Sweden in 2006. At 12pm we will board our coach again for our next stop.   Sofiero Palace with its fascinating history and wonderful location by the strait of Öresund, the Palace and Gardens is a must see. Royal gardening heritage mixes happily with innovative garden design and eco-friendly solutions. Following a delicious lunch, our guide will take us on a tour where the history of the palace, the people and the gardens themselves are brought to life. They will take us to well and lesser-known parts of the garden and share in-depth knowledge of Sofiero – one of Europe’s loveliest parks. The tour takes in magnificent flowerbeds, verdant pathways and, of course, the dramatic gullies that are filled with thousands of rhododendrons.

Our coach will collect us and take us on the final leg of our journey to our accommodation for the night at Lund.

Day 5– 5th June 2019

Our coach will collect us at 9.00am and take us to our second Peter Korn garden.  Klinta Trasgard is the beautiful collaboration of Peter and his partner Julia Andersson who also trained as a gardener at SLU in Alnarp. She has worked in the castle garden in Malmö and gardened in many private gardens and housing associations. In October 2015, Peter and Julia took over the famous Klinta Spices & Green, started by the Palm family in 1982. They renamed it Klinta Garden and they have developed the garden further; making it their own.  From here, they also run their design and planting business and grow the large number of plants they need for their planting schemes.  We will spend the morning with Julia and Peter in this very special growing space.

Our coach will collect us and bring us to Copenhagen airport for our early afternoon flight.


Tour Itinerary


Booking Information

 Tour Price is: €575 per person

 Tour price includes:

·         Comfortable coach transport. 

·         Admission to all gardens. 

·         Friendly and knowledgeable professional tour coordinator. 

·         Botanical expertise of Jimi Blake 

·         Evening Meal on the 2nd June

·         Lunch at Sofiero Palace

Tour price excludes:

·         Airfare and Accommodation – You will book your own flights and accommodation but only after we send you an email confirming that our reservation minimum has been met and the tour will proceed. 

·         Travel insurance. (See below) 

·         Lunches. Budget £10 per lunch minimum. 

·         Evening meal on the 1st, 3rd and 4th June

Payment schedule:

·         A non-refundable deposit of €280 is due when you book your tour. 

·         Final payment, in full, is due by March 28th, 2019.


Travel insurance is required in case you have health emergencies or other unforeseen issues arise. We recommend AA Travel Insurance and you can get a quote online at Click here for Travel Insurance. There are many providers, so you may identify other travel insurance providers on your own. Before departure, you will be required to provide evidence that you have obtained travel insurance.  


It’s easy to book your garden tour, just let us know by return email and we will hold your place.  Later we will ask you to fill out our online booking form and at that stage you can pay the deposit by direct debit.                               

Your trip reservation will be confirmed by email upon receipt of the completed Reservation Form and trip deposit/full payment.  Payment in full must be received by March 28th, 2019.  

For questions or help completing your reservation, please contact Orlaith Murphy.

Phone: 087 6453042 or Email: murphyom@gmail.com.  


As a small tour company Jimi Blake Tours offers tailored tours for keen gardeners and plant enthusiasts. Each tour is guaranteed to proceed as soon as the minimum of 20 reservations has been met. In the event that our reservation minimum is not met by March 28th, 2019, we reserve the right to cancel the tour. Deposits/payments will be refunded in full if the tour is cancelled.  

Please DO NOT make your airline reservations until we have guaranteed (by email) that the tour will proceed.

If you would like to join us, then simply contact Jimi by email at jimi@huntingbrook.com or by phone on 087 285 6601

To avoid disappointment, please book early. 

On booking, we will supply you with information on suggested accommodation


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