Welcome to Hunting Brook Gardens

2 day tour to the gardens of Sussex with Jimi Blake

2 day tour to the gardens of Sussex with Jimi Blake

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Hunting Brook Garden

Hidden in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains lies Hunting Brook Gardens, a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. At Hunting Brook, bright colours and lush, verdant foliage are mixed with shady glades. With these inspiring designs we welcome visitors to this exciting and evolving garden.

What We Offer

August Borders at Hunting Brook Gardens

Visit Hunting Brook

Visit Hunting Brook

Garden is open to visitors Wednesday to Sunday but please do ring or text so that we ensure the gate is open for you. click here for more info.

These magnificent gardens are within easy reach of Dublin and are a perfect venue for groups or garden tours.  We have a range of packages available to suit your requirements.

For more information call Jimi on 087 285 6601.

Horticultural Courses


At Hunting brook we are delighted to offer a range of practical and hands on courses. These range from horticulture to holistic, for a full listing please click here.

Would you like to offer a course?

Please contact Jimi on 087  285 6601 for more information.

Holistic Treatment room at Hunting Brook Gardens

Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments

Hunting Brook Gardens is expanding to include a variety of Holistic treatments and practitioners including Energetic Healing, Homeopathy, Jimi’s Healing Walks, Yoga and more. After your treatment, stay awhile, meander through the gardens and valley and allow your energy to settle before heading off!  For a full listing click here

Volunteer at Hunting Brook Gardens

Volunteer day

Volunteer Thursday!

Thursday is volunteer day in the garden!  At 10am, Jimi gives an informal class/walk around in the garden for one hour including plant identification, propagation and all year around maintenance tips. Volunteer work in the gardens till lunch time and have the option to continue on in the afternoon.

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